The Ultimate Commercial
Property Owners Checklist

Easily manage risk, ensure claim success and maintain lower premiums

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Download Regional Insurance Brokers free Checklist and discover the easy way to better manage your commercial property risks, so you can avoid claim time issues and reduce premiums once and for all!

Today, insurers are scrutinising claims more than ever and insurance premiums just keep rising.

More commercial property owners are seeing claims refused based on policy exclusions for lack of maintenance or structural defects.

Claims for damaged roofs, for instance, are commonly declined due to so called maintenance issues and roof condition.

Even though you have insurance cover and you think your commercial property is in good condition, you cannot simply assume everything will work out at claim time. You need to take some action…

Introducing the Property Maintenance Inspection Checklist

There is one simple thing you can do to ensure (if the worst happens) you’re covered and it’ll also help keep premiums as low as possible…

  • Put in place an annual property maintenance inspection program.
    To document the level and frequency of maintenance inspections and:

    • Making it easy to manage risk
    • Help reduce premium increases
    • Used to dispute any claim denial if required.
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What does the checklist Cover?

Our Property Maintenance Inspection Checklist covers every possible area an insurance inspector would want to know about. Including:

Inspection Area
Fire Safety 4 Step fire safety check
Fire Protection Everything from extinguishes to sprinkler pressure tests
Electrical Safety 3 point check
Plumbing and Roofing Gutters, pipes and roofing
General Housekeeping 15 point check
Security Identifies security issues and uncovers existing damage
Carparks Covers everything from signage to surfaces
Commercial Kitchens From ducts to appliances

Armed with your checklist, you’ll find it so easy to implement an annual property maintenance inspection program, and will feel satisfied you’ve done everything you can to:

  • Better manage the risk to your commercial property.
  • Avoid issues at claim time.
  • Be in the perfect position to obtain the lowest premium and the best policy terms from insurers.
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Why us?

At Regional, we help put the right insurance cover in place for your commercial property. So you can feel confident knowing your premises, stock and equipment are protected.

An insurance broker can save you time, money and worry. We take the time to understand your particular area of risk, because we know there is no single insurance solution for all commercial property.

If the worst happens and you do have to make a claim, a Regional broker will act on your behalf, liaising with the insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

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Epicurean Products has worked with Regional Insurance Brokers for over 15 years.

During this time our business has grown and we required assistance on the best business insurance solutions available in the market place.

Regional Insurance Brokers provided us with detailed Insurance options guiding us and explaining it to us in plain English.

They will seek out the best policy at the best price to meet our needs.

From our Account Manager to the Regional Insurance Brokers office staff, the service is professional, friendly and reliable.

We will continue to work with Regional Insurance Brokers for many years to come.