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Denise and Stephen Keim

Andrew and Grace (and anyone else at RIB who was involved in the saga of our stolen car),

This is a belated email to thank you for the caring and professional manner in which you dealt with the matter of our stolen car.

As you are aware, we were, to say the least, less than impressed with the approach of our insurer.

Though the insurer’s actions made the whole process very frustrating and, at times almost rage inducing, the way in which you communicated with us, kept us up to date and advocated on our behalf made the experience tolerable.

We appreciate that you took our interests seriously and expended time and energy to obtain the best possible outcome for us.

We would be very happy for you to pass on these thoughts to those higher up in the organisation as we would like them to know the excellent way in which you looked after us. We have sung your praises far and wide.


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