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Local trusted advice in Cairns and Far North Queensland

Personalised insurance broking services for your business from experienced professionals who are based in your local area. We manage your insurance while you get on with running and growing your business.

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Enhanced regional presence

As Regional Insurance Brokers, our business is positioned to serve a broad geographical area. We now make up a network of 15 offices across the state and are able to tap into the expertise of over 150 insurance professionals throughout Queensland. Ensuring that you continue to receive top-notch insurance advice tailored to your unique requirements, no matter what your needs are or where you are based.

Why use an insurance broker?

Insurance can be a complex process, navigating through the various products, covers available, exclusions and confusing terminology. Having a trusted local insurance broker on your side will ensure your specific needs are assessed and you get the insurance program that works for you.

Insurance solutions tailored for you

No matter where your business operates around Cairns, and Far North Queensland, the team at Regional Insurance Brokers are here to help build an insurance program that suits your individual needs and circumstances.

From simple business package insurance, cover for motor, domestic or more complex business risks, Regional Insurance Brokers have the knowledge and experience to find a policy that fits.

Call us on 1800 937 111, or complete the form to send us an enquiry.

Local advice in Cairns

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