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Earthmoving Insurance

Heavy insurance that lightens the load

Whether your business depends on heavy earthmoving machinery or compact equipment, protecting yourself, your equipment and your business with the right insurance is a must.

As earthmoving plant and machinery operators, you’re exposed to specific challenges and complicated risks.

Damage or loss of plant, equipment and machinery through accidental or malicious damage or a substantial public liability claim could cost you time, money and even your business and reputation.

Why use Regional?

Insurance isn’t always a one size fits all policy. Having a trusted adviser and partner to you insurance program can be essential for earthmoving projects using heavy machinery. We’re here to help structure your insurance program to suit.

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Cover we can help arrange

Our team of trusted insurance brokers are here to guide you in finding the right insurance solution. Talk to us about your business needs, including coverage for:
Plant & Machinery
Protecting one of your most valuable business assets from risks such as theft or damage. Helping your financial security against a potentially significant loss.
Public Liability
Insurance cover for damage to third party property or injury to the public when heavy machinery is being used.
Portable Property insurance
Cover for portable equipment such as your GPS, tablets or other tools from accidental damage or theft.
Dry Hire
If you hire out equipment, Dry Hire cover can protect machinery from theft, fire and accidental or malicious damage.

Additional covers available

Why use an insurance broker?

Insurance can be a complex process, navigating through the various products, covers available, exclusions and confusing terminology. Having an experienced insurance broker on your side will ensure your specific needs are assessed and you get the insurance program that works for you.

Get advice you can trust