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Mining, resources and energy

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The mining and resources sector is unlike any other and comes with a range of unique risks that can be extremely complex. These risks range from damage to extraction, processing and transport equipment, or financial risks with movements to foreign exchanges and capital adequacy requirements.

The increased risks that come with working in the resources and energy industry means you need the right insurance program to protect you and your employees and your equipment and property.

Why use Regional?

At Regional we understand the mining and energy sector and have been tailoring insurance programs for clients since we formed. For a thorough approach to coverage for all aspects of your operation, talk with our specialist mining insurance professionals.

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Cover we can help arrange

Our team of trusted insurance brokers are here to guide you in finding the right insurance solution. Talk to us about your business needs, including coverage for:
Public and Product Liability
Your liability to pay compensation for personal injury and property damage as well as the cost involved in defending a claim triggered by the policy.
Tools and heavy equipment
Cover of light or heavy machinery for theft, damage or destruction that occurs through no fault of your own or your employees.
Professional Indemnity
Your liability for professional indemnity (negligence). Helps to protect you, your business and provide cover for any legal costs.
Statutory Liability
To help protect you and your business in case of breach of statutory laws or legislation.

Additional covers available

Why use an insurance broker?

Insurance can be a complex process, navigating through the various products, covers available, exclusions and confusing terminology. Having an experienced insurance broker on your side will ensure your specific needs are assessed and you get the insurance program that works for you.

Get advice you can trust