Insurance Broking Services

What does an Insurance Broker do?

The role of an insurance broker is quite simple, to help you find the right insurance policy to suit your needs. Just like an accountant or lawyer, a qualified insurance broker can provide advice, risk management strategies and present a range of insurance solutions, often tailored to your specific circumstances.

An insurance broker can take on the day-to-day management of your insurance cover, holding review and renewal meetings with you, to make sure your business assets have the right level of protection. A broker can also inform you of changes in the market that could affect your insurance premiums, and present options to help manage you business cashflow through premium funding.

Should the unexpected happen, a broker will also act as a liaison between you and the insurance company, advocating on your behalf to assist with claims management.

Why use an insurance broker?

Insurance can be a complex process, navigating through the various products, covers available, exclusions and confusing terminology. Having an experienced insurance broker on your side means you have a qualified professional who acts on your behalf, not for the insurer, ensuring your specific needs are assessed and you get the insurance program that works for you.

Why use Regional?

We believe in building long term partnerships with our customers. Approachable and caring about the communities in which we live and work, our people are experienced, highly trained professionals ready to listen to your needs and give you simple, honest advice, without the jargon.

At Regional, you get access to a qualified, experienced broker who will manage your insurance portfolio. We regularly review your business activities and your insurance needs, giving you with peace of mind that you have the most up to date cover in place and that your livelihood is protected.

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