Construction Insurance

Building a solution that’s right for your project

Construction insurance is designed to cover your operation against the unique risks and complexity of construction projects.

No matter the size of your business or whether you are engaged in residential projects, expansive commercial constructions, large developments, or civil contracts, a tailored construction-specific cover provides greater protection over standard business insurance policies.

Why use Regional?

With a diverse client base, we’ve honed our risk analysis and policy wordings to address potential gaps, ensuring comprehensive coverage for all aspects of your construction project. We conduct thorough risk analyses for every business, pinpointing specific risks to tailor our services accordingly.

Cover we can help arrange

For over 40 years we’ve been finding the right insurance for construction projects large and small. Talk to our team about the following insurance covers available, and more.
Contract Works cover
Protecting your project against material damage while building works are in progress, such as theft, fire or storm.
Liability insurance
Essential cover to help protect you if a third party is injured or their property is damaged during a project.
Material damage
Covering structures and building materials from accidental damage and natural events such as theft, fire, storm or flood.
Mobile Plant and Equipment
Comprehensive protection for plant machinery against damage, loss or theft.
Professional Indemnity
Helping cover you for errors or omissions in the advice you provide during design and planning of a project.

Additional covers available

Why use an insurance broker?

Insurance can be a complex process, navigating through the various products, covers available, exclusions and confusing terminology. Having an experienced insurance broker on your side will ensure your specific needs are assessed and you get the insurance program that works for you.

Get advice you can trust