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Personal Cyber Insurance

Download the free Personal Cyber Insurance Whitepaper from Emergence and explore the main risks for which cyber insurance provides cover and learn how to avoid becoming a victim.

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Our reliance on the internet, and the huge growth of web-enabled devices and social media, has made us much more interconnected…

Increasing our risks of cyber attack including identity theft, online scams, cyberbullying and financial fraud.
It’s up to you to learn how to protect yourself and your family…

Enter the personal cyber insurance whitepaper

The whitepaper provides everything you need to know about current cyber risks and how personal cyber insurance can help you protect families and individuals.

Criminals keep advancing and refining their techniques. Learn about the steps you can take to help keep ahead of them.

Discover what personal cyber insurance can do. It’s one of the best ways to mitigate this ongoing risk.

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What’s in the Whitepaper?

The Personal Cyber Insurance Whitepaper by Emergence explores common cyber risks, includes scenarios to help you understand personal cyber insurance and the protection it provides families and individuals, including:

Common Cyber Risks
What is Cybercrime?
  • Types and current statistics
What is identity theft?
  • Prevention
  • How insurance can help when criminals steal your identity
Fraud and online scams
  • Steps to reduce your risk
  • What to do if you become a victim of a scam
  • How personal cyber insurance cover protects you
  • Detailed cyber bullying example
  • Tips on what to do if you or someone in your family is experiencing cyberbullying
  • Support available through personal cyber insurance cover
  • Detailed cyberstalking example
  • How personal cyber insurance can help you
Online financial theft
  • Steps you can take to reduce your risk
  • Why insurance is a must-have
  • Detailed online financial theft scenario
Personal Cyber Insurance
  • How it protects you and your family

Once you’ve read the whitepaper,
you’ll be armed with:

  • Current cybercrime information.
  • The knowledge you need to avoid becoming a victim.
  • A good understanding of personal cyber insurance and how it can give you and your family peace of mind.
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Why us?

At Regional, we help put the right Cyber Insurance cover in place for you. Giving you and your family peace of mind; knowing your policy will respond if an event were to occur

An insurance broker can save you time, money and worry. If the worst happens and you do have to make a claim, a Regional broker will act on your behalf, liaising with the insurance company to negotiate the best possible outcome for you.

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Epicurean Products has worked with Regional Insurance Brokers for over 15 years.

During this time our business has grown and we required assistance on the best business insurance solutions available in the market place.

Regional Insurance Brokers provided us with detailed Insurance options guiding us and explaining it to us in plain English.

They will seek out the best policy at the best price to meet our needs.

From our Account Manager to the Regional Insurance Brokers office staff, the service is professional, friendly and reliable.

We will continue to work with Regional Insurance Brokers for many years to come.