Make A Claim

This section has been prepared as a guide to handling claims. It does not, however, override policy conditions or statutory requirements that may apply from time to time.

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General Information

Your account manager is always available to offer advice on claims management and notification procedures. Any claim or circumstance that may give rise to a claim should be reported to us as soon as possible. The only exceptions to this are Worker’s Compensation and Motor Vehicle claims, where separate processes apply as detailed in the following pages.

Failure to promptly report a claim may prejudice your right to indemnity due to a breach of policy conditions.

Please refer to your policy to establish whether any excess applies. If loss or damage is minor, the claim may fall under your policy excess and therefore be excluded.

We recommend that you always discuss the circumstances of each event with your account manager. Some below excess claims have the potential to develop into insurable losses and some may need to be reported to your insurer as a material fact, in accordance with your duty of disclosure.

Your insurer will often appoint a loss adjuster to investigate the circumstances of the event. Always ask for identification and ensure they represent your insurer before providing any information regarding an incident.

For information or any questions you might have about claims please contact your local Regional Insurance Brokers.

Claim Forms

Claim forms, Click on the form that is relevant to you to download it in PDF format.